“I believe that photography is an essential medium for architectural enhancement.
It  is  a trace of time, a witness of  creation  and   transformation  as  the forms  of  architecture  are the reflection of  an era. As
a photographer, I bring value and meaning by proposing a singular vision and favouring a rigorous pictorial aesthetic approach.

After  Sociology  and  Ethnology   university  education, Fabrice Fouillet  studied  Photography at The Gobelins School  in  Paris.
Since  2004, he  has  been  collaborating  with  advertising agencies  and  magazines  in the areas  of  Architecture and interior

In  2013, his  series  on  modern  churches  « Corpus  Christi » won the  Sony  Awards in the Architecture category, earning him
his  first  collaborations  with  the  New York Times. The  same  year, as  part of  an  assignment, he  met  the  Spanish architect
Rafael Moneo. Decisive  meeting  that will change his vision of architecture and will give a new orientation to his photographic

Today, he  continues  to  assist  communication agencies  in  their  projects  and  collaborates  regularly with  the architects by
photographing their creations.

Fabrice Fouillet is based in Paris.


2018    India Architecture Dialogue, New Delhi, India / 09.02-25.02

2017     Le printemps de Septembre, Toulouse, France / 1.06-17.06
             Circulation(s) at Shanghai, IG Art Gallery / 9.03-17.03
             Building Images, Architektur Galerie, Berlin / 24.03-22.04
             Building Images, Sto Werkstatt, London / 10.02-28.04

2016    World Architecture Festival with Arcaid Images, Berlin / 15.11-17.11
             Scale of representation, Immix Gallery, Paris / 07.04-21.05
             L’art du beau, studio des acacias, Paris / 17.02-21.02

2015    Si fece Carne: Sacred & Contemporary Art. ­San Lorenzo Basilica, Florence , Italy / 09.10-09.01
             Guatephoto Festival. ­Guatemala city / 12.11-30.11
             Circulations Festival. ­Le centquatre, Paris / 21.01-08.03

2014    Singapore International Photography Festival. Singapore / 03.10-30.11
             Cape town month of photography, Cape Town, South Africa / 01.10-31.10
             Aperture Summer Open, ­Aperture Gallery, New York / 17.07-01.09
             Lens Culture Exposure Awards, London College of Communication, London, UK / 01.04-05.04
             International Biennial of Photography, Museum of Fine Arts, Liege, Belgium / 15.03-25.05
             Der grief exhibition « A process ». Neue Galerie im Höhmannhaus, Augsburg, Germany

2013    Month of Photography. Bratislava, Slovakia. / 30.10-30.11
             Sony Awards, Somerset house, London, UK / 26.04-12.05
             Itinéraire des Photographes Voyageurs Festival, Bordeaux, France / 02.04-28.04
             Boutographies Festival, Montpellier,France / 02.03-17.03

2012    Dray Walk Gallery, London, UK
             Gallerie 59, Florence Moll Agency, Paris, France


2016    Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Awards 2016. Shortlisted

2013    LensCulture Exposure awards. Finalist
             One life Photo, Places Category. Winner
             Grand Prix de la découverte. Jury Awards of Merit
             Foto Visura Grant. Honorable mention
             Sony World Photography Awards, ­Architecture category. Winner « Corpus Christi »
             Prix « réponse Photo » Boutographies 2013

2012    Voies Off Festival. Selected
             AOP open awards. Selected
             Int’l Photography awards. Honorable mention


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